Google Glass was newly graced with an extra firmware update, amazing the folks over at Android Police contain dug into for a thorough look. through this latest software come hints of a slide of new skin that Glass owners might imagine to see in the future, amongst them being the aptitude to tune an device and create a 3D model.

A lot of the mainly appealing hidden skin are found within the Glass Voice APK, amongst them creature the aforesaid 3D modeling and instrument tuning, as glowing as the capability to ensure in at locations, locate a recipe, discover a song, call a car, shoot a view, get a reminder, view a range, begin a bike ride or run, and more.

several of these features would likely be worn by apps, extend the capacity of the device for developers who desire to offer exact functionality with their apps .The 3D model making feature is mainly attractive given the mounting explosion of 3D printing technology.

The music playing capacity of the mechanism is moreover more developed in the newest firmware, with AP spot things like Music Cards for folder names and art, track names, and band/artist names, as well as a innovative radio icon. Given the radio icon, one must speculate if radio channels will be obtainable on the machine at several point. Beyond this, present are further changes to eye-gesture control, with Gaze viewing a new double-blink functionality and a film making-centric glitter option.