Advantages of using Adobe Illustrator
This agenda has lots of payback over other graphic program:
-It allows you more litheness with customize the workplace.
It come with a user line that allow custom performance and enables space saving.
-Illustrator gives more control over transcript and its format with options like paragraph composes and Open Type fonts
-Using illustrator increases productivity as it allows for in-panel editing and use of multiple art boards at a moment.
-As it is a vector based map it allows the creation of graphics that are scalable to any extent lacking losing decision, with crisp and pointed lines that are ideal for print.
-Illustrator files are fairly small in size so permit easy sharing, mailing and use.

Disadvantages of using Adobe Illustrator
-Since it is intend software some sum of skill or guidance is need to master it. A good idea is to ensure out the frequent tutorials that are accessible by adobe itself or use up some time by the tools this plan is loaded with to master it.
-To make photo sensible picture the user must have heaps of tolerance and a keen eye for feature.
The potential with Adobe Illustrator are continual, just download it and see what a new length all your layouts and design will take. Once you master the drawing tools and the essentials there is no look back. And if you have work with Photoshop in the history, it will be even easier since the palates and information are quiet alike.