In today’s time, BIM technology has changed the face of the AEC industry by making its overall process faster, effective, efficient and error-free for its clients and customers across the globe. This technology helps in making a complete comprehensive overview of the building structure which offers numerous advantages for their professionals and building owners. Basically, if Building information modeling gets implemented vertically across all building phases then it has more potential to change the overall face of the building industry. Below mentioned are some of the advantages of BIM technology as under:-

A) Makes more energy-efficient building structure-Studies have proved that a lot of energy gets consumed worldwide by our building structure. With the help of BIM technology, vendors help in providing energy-efficient and more sustainable building structures. Thus by integrating BIM technology across all the disciplines of the building project, industry professionals make more productive workflow and smooth operations.

B) Reduces clashes, errors, flaws and better coordination-           Whether it’s making of complex structures or multi-layered structures, BIM technology plays an essential role in detecting clashes, minimizes errors, resolves confusions right during the initial stage of design development. If any error comes during the construction stages then it may lead to major losses of time and money. Also, these BIM models help in coordinating among all the stakeholders by making it more effective and smooth

c) Enhances Building model and documentation-In today’s construction industry, it becomes tough to create complex building structures or any renovation work. Any alteration or clients demand makes the overall building structure more tedious and time-consuming. At C-DESIGN, we facilitate BIM technology with the help of their detailed models and documentation work which helps in conveying the essence of the designs to contractors, sub-contractors, owners, service consultants etc.