Typography is considered as the main skill of any designer and it is certainly more than framing or aligning words. It’s all about arranging words and also about how to make it work with design theme, colour theme, layout, and grid etc. With the help of tutorials one can only understand typography but once you research certain typography resources and gain knowledge about font pairing then only it becomes easy to master this skill.

Choosing font size is very much important in framing typography. A completely professionally designed font size consists of a combination of different weights and styles, international characters, keening pairs etc.

Certain basic points are mentioned below should be considered while designing professionally tuned typography

Measure –That defines the width of the text block. And considered as the key element in obtaining maximum positive experience while reading

Kerning and tracking-Kerning means it helps in adjusting space between characters to create smooth pairing while tracking refers same as kerning but only relates to the spacing between all the characters.

Size-All words set in various typefaces can take different spaces on the page like some are thin, some are fat. When it is about pairing typeface, its always advisable to those which share same height (X- Height)as in characters. Also, the width of each character is known as a set width which defines as an extent of the body of letter plus distance between two letters.

Hierarchy and scale-It’s believed that a heading should be larger, subheading as smaller and main body is still smaller. This general rule plays an important role as helps in defining which is the considered as most important information on the page. Even color, weight and spacing of the characters play important role in defining appropriate scaling while framing professional typography.

Leading – It helps in explaining vertical space between each line of type. For suitably legible body text it’s advisable to apply the general rule that leading values should be 1.5 times greater than font size.

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