3D Rendering techniques has changed dynamics of media, entertainment, gaming, architecture, engineering and interior designing industries across the world. We all know that classic adage “ a picture can speak thousand words”, designers today represents a new school of thought by adding “what if that picture was something not yet made and was in 3D instead of 2D” the fractional number of words represented by our classic adage would grow up radically in this new school of thought. The description precisely pronounces exponential growth in popularity of 3d rendering techniques amongst architects, engineers, animators & designers today.

When it comes to marketing and selling real estate properties, marketers must have effective tools to promote and showcase the properties to prospective customers. For its unique benefits and features, 3D rendering techniques serves as the best marketing tool for real estate marketers. This technique offers number of advantages not only to the marketer (seller) but also to the prospective customer.
One of the key advantages of using 3D rendering technique is the level of realistic details the real estate architects, interior designers and sellers can present while discussing any real estate project with their prospective client; it’s the most effective tool to express real estate design ideas today. Secondly it gives a competitive edge to the real estate seller over the competitors who are still stuck with traditional 2D Images and sketches to promote their project.

Yet another great advantage of using 3d rendering as a marketing tool is that one can present actual designs and ideas even before the single foundation brick is been laid i.e. even if the project is under construction or not started yet, in such a case potential buyers, interior designers and architect can create and build plans and designs even before the construction begins. This feature of 3d rendering also assist in saving cost since costly changes do not have to be made at the construction stage. Much accurate detailing and features of the building designs could be captured and presented by 3d rendering process over 2d images. This feature renders the most valuable advantage to both sellers in promoting their real estate project and to the buyer to have an idea on what the project will look like when finished.

Considering the number of elements and details involved in a single design, one of the key advantages offered by 3D rendering tools is that the designer can go back to drawing board (system) and make that one change as per the client’s requirement without disturbing or re-designing the entire model. Designers find it convenient to design the model as per the client’s ideas and incorporation of customised effects such as lighting, view, colours like paint or flooring, furniture, even people & vehicles etc. 3D rendering techniques today allows designers not only to modify the designs but most importantly it gives the onlooker a sense of space. As the human mind is adopted to place itself in 3D surroundings so it is much easier for prospective customers to place themselves in 3D designed space.