In today’s time there is a buzzword popularly known as “Revit” in the AEC industry which helped the furniture industry to transform from AutoCAD to Auto Revit. Revit Families creation software provide 3Dimesioanl interactive product visualization for furniture manufacturer which helps in exploring products online for different clients, architects or designers. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of Revit families creation software are as mentioned:-

A) Provide Competitive edge:-Revit implementation provides a competitive edge to their manufacturer which helps in maximizing customer engagement and enhances product reach. It is essential for your organization to adopt the latest BIM standards by digitalizing your products so as to make your portfolio more effective technically and aesthetically.

B) Detailed displaying of products:-One of the biggest benefits of Revit family creation is about displaying detailed information like product parameters/design elements of 3D models like textures, quality, materials etc. Thus architects or designers can easily 3D models using 3D Revit families creation, select exact dimensions for space, make calculation error free etc makes it extremely beneficial to them.

C) Enhances quicker modification-Using Revit families, stakeholders can create easy modification using relevant tool in the family editor which helps in designing products as per Clients requirements, room layouts or allocated budget. Thus reusing valuable mechanisms of Revit families helps in saving money and time factor for various different projects.

At C-DESIGN, we provide effective and efficient Revit family creation which helps in providing interactive experience for furniture manufacturers to create and deliver customized 3D product models. Thus it leads to higher sales, orders, and better collaboration between designers and architects.