In today’s world, BIM services play a crucial role as it helps in integrating all discipline in the construction projects. Therefore it is becoming an integral part of the AEC industry which stands for Building Informational Modeling. This technology creates 3D model structures that make effective and efficient infrastructure and construction. But Hospitality industry has its challenges like maintaining seamless working conditions of the electric system and plumbing and using them at the same time. At C-DESIGN, we have more than 15 years of experience in MEP/HVAC projects across the globe. We provide BIM services that majorly facilitate fabrication, optimization, coordination, and Installation using Revit, Autocad, Sketchup as our BIM software construction industry.

Below mentioned are the benefits of MEP BIM services in the hospitality sector

a) Faster fabrication turn-around-This technology helps in getting materials whenever needed based on the ‘Just in time’ delivery method. As BIM files can be easily exported to fabrication software and thus no accumulation of materials is needed on site.

b) Creates easy designing work-MEP BIM modeling services helps to create a design or redesigning of any part of your construction project as per client and developers requirements. Clash detection can be easily be detected in any designing phase and the clash manager can track all such issues and changes.

C) Compatibility in the construction process-Any minute edit work or field changes can be easily reflected in the drawings through MEP BIM services. These files can even work smoothly with cost estimation software and the project planning process.

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