At C-DESIGN, we offer CAD and BIM solutions for complex building designs through an efficient alliance between different construction experts, architects, and engineers. We cater to all types of needs of contractors, fabricators, architects, MEP contractors, facility owners so as to deliver outstanding design and construct healthcare facilities, related MEP components, and other laying out medical equipment. We facilitate the prototyping of medical types of equipment so as to deliver the customised solutions as per clients’ requirements and minimise the design life cycle which directly affects the healthcare market. Our CAD and CAE experts design and construct structural drafting, rendering, architectural design detailing, MEP layout of the buildings as per the market speed and clients’ requirements in the most effective and efficient ways. We conceptualise and construct building designs for further downstream planning and management using different software popularly known as Revit Structure, AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, etc. In the Hospitality sector, we offer CAD and BIM services as mentioned below:-

  1. A) MEP Clash Detection-For construction projects across all the disciplines, our MEP engineers and BIM experts help to manage building conflicts and in taking an informed decision. For different construction projects like Airports, Metro stations, High rise Buildings, Malls, etc Clash detection can be easily identified early during design models so as to minimise any disastrous hazard or any danger on site.
  2. B) 3D Visualisation-With the help of this technology, we designing concepts to immersive visualisation and photo realistic 3D rendering so as to speed up the designing life cycle for real estate experts, designers, developers, and contractors.
  3. C) Point cloud to BIM-Our BIM experts and point cloud modeling professionals can successfully create Revit models by using large scanned data set for institutional buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, etc.
  4. D) 3D BIM modeling-Using 3D BIM modeling, we offer enhanced design collaboration between designers, architects and engineers for any type of construction projects like Industrial, Healthcare, residential, Mixed-use Buildings, Recreational places, etc.