Those who play an important role in the making of video games are known as a concept artist. They play a major part as a bridge between an artist who produced in-game assets and art director’s visualisation of the game. Concept art is all about the visual representation of any mood or ideas before creating it into the final product. As this reduces error percentage and also helps in saving time and money. The most crucial role of any concept artist is to create a design, create and implement believable world to be used in comics, videos, films or in any animation series so that final product looks real and effective compositions.

The real meaning of concept art-Its considered as one of the promising artwork which gets derived from the deep-rooted idea of making an efficient design process which supports the story. Wants and needs are the main factors of any concept artist. Like story needs should be the first thoughtful point then later artist needs to decide about design wants which supports the story.

Research is next important step-Research is a most crucial step in order to become a successful design artist which brings authenticity in design evolution. Concept art has to be first visualised by the artist which acts as a database of textures, props, shapes, fabrics, ideas etc so that everything can be added into video games and in the making of animated films. It’s very important for a concept artist to be expert in the fundamental artwork which includes composition, tone, light shade, anatomy and ideas from a different perspective. With the help of research, concept artist can effectively visualize and makes art for creatures, environment, vehicles, characters and other creative resources.

Think differently-As a concept artist we are always told to think differently so that modelers, VFX artist, animators can create final work with the help of their out of the box thinking. Also equally important is to understand that the way of story narration also plays important role in presenting your design ideas.

Give a thought regarding composition-The word composition not only means taking care related to the arrangement of shapes and forms but instead having clearer and better idea regarding value, staging, perspective and colors used in the design which narrates storyline more effectively and efficiently. Staging is all about the display of different elements using an amalgamation of sizes, shapes, dimensions, overlaps, making depth and balance. Colour is all about the combination of different types of palate and temperatures. Perspective is all related to the category of lens and assignment of camera position.

Understand viewer’s perspective-During making of concept art its very much essential to understand the audience’s perception and how they going to interact with staging, color, value, and perspective. Thus for any concept artist, it’s essential to not only analyze and understand composition but also about audience’s perspective about composition. Whenever compositions are not properly then it always results in a selective perspective which leads to different opinions among audiences about the storyline/idea. But when there is a proper use of visual aesthetics then it leads to deliberate and directional proposed perception.