Space planning plays a major role in the architectural world because it defines an in-depth examination of physical space and the crucial reason behind its making. Through space planning, architects can easily define effective use of the floor space available and therefore becomes an essential element for the interior design process. Then it becomes a major role of the designer to define crucial zones and related future activities linked in those areas. One of the biggest advantages of retail space planning is about its impact of adding extra comfort and convenience through proper creative techniques which not only looks aesthetic but also alluring to your clients and customers. Nowadays the trend of using space planning is prevalent in both residential and commercial world as per different needs and adding details of all equipment, furniture, and hardware placement into it.

The main purpose of Retail space planning is to define clearly the reason behind the making of structure and spaces. Secondly, with proper space management, outstanding space can be easily traced out so that all essential elements like furniture, space, and functions work collaboratively and simultaneously satisfy the needs of clients and visitors. Below mentioned are relevant reasons which show essentially about retail space planning in the commercial world:-

1) Improves customer flow and feasibility-One of the biggest goal of any retailer is to encourage more sales and boost up customer shopping experience through optimisation of effective space management.

2) Enhance your store efficiency-Store arrangement plays a crucial role as it helps in strategically placing merchandise goods which should give a feeling of comfort for your customers. If store layout and arrangement looks cluttered then customers will not feel the ease to move around the space.

3) Increases revenue factor-Strategic placement of merchandise directly impacts shoppers’ basket size and their overall spend. So it’s always advisable to opt for cluttered free store arrangement so that customers don’t feel uncomfortable or leave the space without exploring them.

Below mentioned is the space planning technique which attracts more customers list:-

1) Have an efficient Planogram –Planogram is all about effective visual representation which shows the best suitable position of merchandise goods which reflects product images and brand positioning through drawings or diagrams. The major advantage of Planogram is to offer shopper-friendly experience through proper products layout so that users reach them at the right time and place.

2) Implementation of clockwise or anticlockwise layout-Because visitors is majorly right handed, thus retail store have anti-clockwise store layout which ignites their instincts and guides them to move from right to left. However, some other retailers even opt for clockwise store layout so as to aggravate shopper’s attention and encourage them for a future shopping experience.

3) Shelf spacing- Many retailers believe in keeping their merchandise at the end cap position where products receive the highest visibility at the end of the aisle, while some consider to keep them at a higher position or at the eye level to top position so as to influence shoppers consciousness into buying more.

4) Create decompression region-It becomes quite essential for any shopper to enter a decompression region which offers them a safe and secure shopping experience and invites them to explore for more merchandise goods. Shopper to should feel excitement about entering retailers store which offers trouble-free entrance and overview of all types of products which draws customers to come inside.

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