Construction documents as the term suggest is all legal contract between owner and contractor which includes conditions of the contract, contract forms, drawings and specifications along with describing work methods, duties and responsibilities of all the parties. Construction documents start with contracts and serve the crucial purpose of receiving building permits from building authorities and to construct your buildings. The major benefits which are provided to owners are ensuring a quality project, Affordable Prices, owners gets protected and ensures qualified bidders.

Following are essentials elements which are covered under construction documents

1) Cover sheet-It depicts project names along with detailed information pertaining to contact officials like engineers, architectural consultants, type of property, site map, building type, and other detailed information about the property

2) Site plan-Through architectural site plan, detailed information about how the site is placed on the entire property gets revealed and thus helps in improving detailed engineering drawings with a graphical arrangement of different structures like parking, landscaping, parking, buildings, exit safety necessities, etc that becomes part of a development project.

3) Safety plans-Through such plans, occupancy rates can be calculated and an adequate number of safety exists with proportional sizes can be planned properly. Even remote path showing routes to exist can also be easily determined as safety always comes first in the priority list.

4) Floor plans-It reveals the most crucial information pertaining to the location of different elements of the building with detailed dimensions and other details regarding the door, wall, window, keynotes, etc are included in the construction drawings set.

6) Elevations-They are termed as first angle projection of exterior/interior faces of the building from different directions which becomes quite an essential source of information for construction projects. Therefore architectural elevation plan becomes crucial information which shows exteriors –ceiling heights, roofing, floor heights and also roof slopes and in interiors-build in bookcases, Trim work, and works on cabinets, etc are displayed in such drawings. Thus elevations drawings become a showcase of future work for your clients which connect different facets of your property. Through elevation, inside and outside spaces can be displayed in a sharply detailed form

7) Section Drawings-It shows half slices or cuts of the building, perpendicular to the horizon line reflecting important elements of the building like floor to floor height, foundation and wall construction along with reflecting its other interior and exterior profiles.

In today’s fast-paced competitive world, Construction documents play an utmost important role as legally binding documents which make the overall architectural project successful involving different parties like builders, architectural firms and contractors. Construction documents are a complete set of chronological drawings according to their occurrence where all required details pertaining to project design are shown. At C-Design, we have a team of highly dedicated architectural professionals, design consultants, drafts men and skilled engineers who work united and as per international standards and codes. Simply contact us and we will offer you the best possible solution.