Talk to industry veteran Kevin Hop excellent about hopping between 3D and 2D art.

Kevin Hop good’s career has followed the go out and flow of the activity business. He begin as an artist for 2000 AD and Marvel UK in the mid-80s, and twisted level Man’s iconic War engine and Hulk buster shell in the early on 90s.
Follow the comic book hurtle of 1996 – which resulted in Marvel file for ruin – Kevin exhausted three years in the games business, working on models for Psygnosis’ Blast Radius.
Follow dabble in War beat 40,000 and Doctor Who comic books, Kevin is reverse in familiar area with publisher Eagle moss’s Marvel detail Files, a sequence of collectable papers based on some of the world’s mainly trendy comic book characters.
Kevin’s bring several of the skills he’s erudite during his career among him, though – especially, a thoughtful of how 3D software can be worn for errands which would usually call on 2D software.
“I originally did the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, with treat those as a scientific drawing use,” he says. “The jobs seem to require more ‘shiny chrome’ things, which can be a hurt to draw, but an actually simple, achieve to get in 3D.
“I lastly bit the shot with a cutaway of Iron Man villain, The Titanium Man. to one curved out how I required, so I’ve fixed with a 3D workflow for the break of the illustrations.”