In an organization, some of the common issues faced by subcontractors are loss of resources, cash flows delays, vulnerability to change orders and ambiguity with service levels, etc. Below mentioned are some of the ways through which BIM technology helps sub-contractors as described:-

A) Delivers successful project-In the field of the AEC industry, the major barrier in the subcontractor’s business is a specific skill set and expertise which are required for the building project. Basically, the general contractor hires subcontractors for specific skills and expertise which are necessary to execute a construction projects more effectively and efficiently. Once their construction projects get finished then their role moves on to the next project and the owner starts focusing on the expense/payment factor. With the help of BIM technology, the team can easily become responsible for specific data, deliverables, feedbacks, etc. Subcontractors can effectively use this technology to help building projects with high-grade speed and efficiency. Thus subcontractors become a real partner in the construction project instead of only the service provider offered by the general contractors.

B) Allocates optimum utilization of resources-BIM technology provides comprehensive common data between the team which helps in resolving issues like change order, slower communication, reduces valuable resources, and increases labor hours etc.BIM software will help to update on time and organize valuable resources as per schedules.

C) Makes your services more marketable-In today’s time, general contractors, lenders, consultants, owners etc are taking maximum advantage of this technology which is used for executing, managing, presenting, and handing over project. Subcontractors who make optimum use of BIM technology helps in growing overall organizational growth and development. Thus after becoming early adopters of this technology, subcontractors, general contractors and clients help in delivering higher standards of output within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget.

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