With the emergence of latest technology and modern equipment, there come endless motion of ideas and plans which comes in the mind of interior designers but they should be converted into reality or at least communicated to others. If such ideas or plans are not communicated well then they will remain only as conceptual design without being executed. Thus drawings plays most important role in the life of interior designer or any related trades person who all can share their ideas or plans through sketching and free hand drawings. Later on such drawings or observations are helpful in visualising designs for new environments or objects.

Drawing is an integrated process of mind,eyes and hand coordination which helps in making designs. Architectural drawings are further categorised for Idea generation, construction process and for design and presentation purpose.

Drawings for idea generation-Such type of drawings with the free hand helps in visualising solution for a particular problems. Designer generally demonstrates different types of drawings with help of their free hand drawings and thus tries to formulate solution for them. Sometime such drawings are not proposed for solution but to enhance further ideas about it even in 2D or 3D dimensional thinking.

Drawings for demonstration media-Once idea is produced for visual communication for clients or others, then further new drawings must be created for presentation media. Such drawings might depicts a glimpse about an idea but many times they are not final detailed accurate drawings. It may ranges from a pictorial rendering views about an idea to rendered view of building interiors.

Drawing for construction-They represent prime means of communication for interior spaces, construction building,cabinets, furniture, or any other objects. Construction drawings consist of conventional architectural representation of how objects will look, materials used, sizes used for making ideas into reality. The builder should be clear and concise about construction drawings which are scaled, accurate and detailed representation of how an object will looks or types of materials to be used or construction drawings.

Making a construction drawings and blueprints are as important as it helps contractor, subcontractor or any trade person to understand them. With the increase in complexity in construction fields, 2 dimensional drawings represents all detailed features about the project right from establishing construction schedule, estimate cost or anything related to the project construction.

Plan views- They are those which represent while looking down at horizontal plane. Following are different types of plan views like

Floor plan- Means those plan related to interior and exterior of the building, room dimensions,cabinetsstairs, toilets and sinks, door and window location ,and are usually drawn in ¼”= 1 or a 1/8” architectural scales .
Roof Plans – All about valleys,hips,roof drains,roof mounted equipment,dormers and other related details
Civil drawings are related to engineering scale with the dimensions shown in the increments of 10.Scales are 1’=50’ or 1’=100’
Site plans –shows all information about the site plan detailing like existing site condition, sanitary and sewer systems, electrical and gas utility, sidewalks, curbs, landscape plans

Elevations- They represent side views exterior wall of the building. They are generally south, east, north and west. Interior elevation represent bathroom walls, cabinets, counter top work. One of the most important point is to always compare different plans with elevation so that one can interpret things correctly and never misses anything.

Section – it’s also one of important features and it all means -slices through building.They give information regarding ceiling, spaces floors, walls and its related height.Its cut on vertical or horizontal plane.

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