In today’s world, 3D CAD Solid Modeling is considered `one of the common practices used by different vendors for outsourcing purposes because of increasing construction costs and making complex structures. In order to make workflow more effective and easier, architects are depending on new-age tools for modifying, creating, analyzing, and optimizing model of the object or to create animation and special effects. Different industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Real Estate, etc use CAD software for designing functions in various 3D and 2D workspaces. Through such a 3D CAD system, vendors get flexibility and convenience and prove to be quite feasible in designing different complex shapes and forms.3D CAD modeling makes the process faster, accurate, and provides comprehensive and minute details as compared to other systems. There are majorly 3 types of 3D Models which give a high level of correctness and exactness like

3D Solid models- Gives a complete view of the object

3D Wireframe models-Gives 3-dimensional view of the 2D projection

3D Surface models-They don’t give details related to interiors of the structures

Below mentioned are some of the essential benefits of the 3D CAD Solid Modeling:-

A) Provides lifelike 3D views-CAD solid model provides an aesthetic view of the proposed buildings from different angles with all featured elements, colors, shapes. Such views help in developing marketing broachers, pamphlets, magazine, etc

B) Exact Simulation Effect-Simulation Effects play an important role in reviewing all designing elements before the starting of the actual construction process. And 3D Solid models help in achieving this purpose by precisely simulating and presenting like life representation with all desired angles both internally and externally of the desired building. Even it can be cut open to reveal internal elements and arrangements more accurately and effectively.

C) Exact Schedule generation and quantity calculation-Also 3D CAD Solid Modeling helps in analysing each block and layer as shown in the model design. This helps in calculating accurate time schedules and BOM (Bill of Materials) even while the design is being created.

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