Augmented reality has large and positive impact on retail industry right from window shopping to viewing products in hand.With the increase relying of buyers and customers in traditional marketing, there comes a gradual shift to online shopping methods. That’s why retailers are looking for more attractive and innovative ways to capture buyers and consumers attention as they are inclining more towards online and mobile marketing. Through this technology, viewers can very well relate to having personalised shopping experience and are able to observe internet across the computer screens. AR being known as futuristic technology still we see it in some way or others,but we majorly find this technology in smartphones.

AR have immense impact and act as a marketing tool to not only increase brand awareness but also make shopping fun much calmer and stress-free. Nowadays apps available on smartphones makes it quite comfortable for buyers to get utmost all relevant details about the products.AR makes buyers much relaxed as earlier they used to face hurdles while purchasing products.But now with the advancement in AR and VR technology, consumers can very well see potential shift from traditional marketing to online marketing .

Only because of AR, consumers can very well analyses their required products about their price, reviews and other details. Also viewers can see their physical products so that they can determine their product were rightly chosen or not. This technology not only saves time and efforts of customers but also gives them maximum satisfaction by staying physical away from them.Another best result of AR technology is in gratification. It’s all about being cool and low marketing strategy that’s takes advantages of this technology in retail sector. For eg: Some food stores gives discounts if players uses imaginary features that appear outside the place.