In today’s time, the construction industry is evolving and increasingly adopting the latest advanced technology popularly known as BIM software. This technology is useful for large and complex organizations for infrastructural facilities and building structures.BIM technology has always proved to be helpful for project coordination and productivity.

In the construction process, different activities like quantity takeoff, project planning, MEP design, site survey, construction scheduling, verification of building energy consumption and construction etc are going on smoothly and continuously. In this situation, BIM technology works as an effective collaboration tool for architects, engineers, contractors, real estate developers, surveyors etc which helps in keeping every stakeholder on the same page. This technology works as an effective tool for increasing productivity, better project results, enhance overall construction support services etc.

At C-DESIGN, we provide effective BIM technology with structured information that can be created in visually 3D format and works as a valuable asset for owners, facility managers, real estate developers etc. Basically, we develop MEP drawings, architectural structural to new projects and renovated projects for maximizing ROI, strategic planning and effective decision-making process.

We provide Real estate development services like

A) Shop drawings services

B) Scan to BIM services

C) Structural detailing services

D) CAD drawings services E) Architectural BIM services