In the field of the AEC industry, the architectural drafting and designing process plays an important role in gaining efficiency and effectiveness through the transformation of CAD to BIM technology. Such type of conversion helps in taking building standards to next level, makes comprehensive integration and makes the essential flow of information among different stakeholders throughout the building project. Also, it makes the design and documentation process much easier and smoother in both small and larger projects. However, it also enhances better visualization and occupancy in the building projects.             

BIM technology helps to improve organizational creativity and efficiency in the following ways like

A) Enhances higher coordination among stakeholders-Through BIM Technology, all stakeholders share informational resources like specific data which ensure effective coordination, effectiveness and minimizes errors and confusions

B) Provides comprehensive approach-BIM technology helps to work effectively in five dimensions

(Length, width, breadth, time and cost) while CAD technology works in 3 dimensions (height, width and length). Conversion of CAD to BIM technology helps to manage accuracy in cost estimation, time schedules and BQM.

C) Ensure the entire lifecycle of a structure – BIM technology helps to envelop the entire lifecycle of the building structure right from idea generation to demolition

D) Ensures minimum loss of information – This technology helps to minimize loss of information among different stakeholders during the project cycle. Generally, it is seen that the loss of valuable resources happens whenever any project shifts within stakeholders but this technology facilitates better coordination between them.

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