At C-DESIGN, we help to create designed brochures into interactive brochures using the latest software like Oculus Rift and many more that can be shared and used across various digital channels. Both electronically and in hard format, we create interactive brochures where content and functionality are our main focus areas. Below mentioned are some of the key benefits:-

(1)   Animation-We can add different animation effects into your brochures like

  • Fade elements/pictures
  • Rotate graphics/text
  • Slide in any direction
  • Roll over- Reveals details when the cursor moves over a particular spot

(2)   Change existing brochure into an interactive version

(3)   Share, download, and view them in the digital brochures format

  • Download PDF format
  • Share URL in social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • Embed code into your website

(4)   View brochures using many characteristics like interactive features, zoom-in-out, navigation arrows, etc.

(5)   Insert movies and plays to view multiple clips