VFX (Visual Effects) is all about the mixing of films and images which can be manipulated like jumping from an air plane, cliff or fighting with a huge monster like animal etc for video or films. In short, any imaginary which can be changed or improved for any film that cannot be achieved at the time of live –action shooting. Such visual effects take place at the time of live action through techniques like computer graphics object, rear and front screen projections, matte painting, miniature perspective sets, compositing of images recorded in a number of ways. Generally, such integration of visual effects with imaginary created and live image footage would look realistic but it’s a very costly affair and many times impossible to capture on a film. In such cases, visual effects help independent filmmakers to achieve it with the help of composting software and reasonable animation.

Basically, the role of VFX artist is based on targets with a high level of creativity needed. Also most important part of VFX artist is that they can experience glamour industry very closely. It is weird belief that VFX consultants are required in the post-production process but in reality, they are needed at every stage of the film process.

While doing a film, visual effect artist plays a most important role as he helps in saving money time and loads of chaos during the production cycle. VFX team can create a different look for your film. They are the one who can transform your ideas on the screen through research and design, pre –visualisation and concept design.

Visual effects artist helps in getting cost estimation about such effects when the script gets finalised. It’s always advisable to have a professional artist who can provide rough estimation and can judge about the scope of the project. Thus it’s always better to have a proper understanding of the budget beforehand instead of leaving your film halfway.

Many times due to a shortage of time and budget, it becomes difficult to find a remote place or shift crew in search of perfect location or setting up a huge set or waiting for suitable weather. In such time, the VFX team can make it possible without spending more energies or money.