At C-DESIGN, we have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who offers numerous profit to the Architecture, Engineering, and construction industry (AEC). One of the major benefits of Revit services is to create the Building process faster, efficient and error-free as compared to any other building system. Nowadays organisations are shifting from AutoCAD to Revit conversion because of the configuration of virtual 3D building models. Revit is considered as the latest innovation in BIM which makes computer-aided drafting with its new collection of capabilities and features more effective and efficient. Thus BIM makes the designing process becomes faster, stronger, effective and supports right from designing, visualisation to simulation and construction.  Other related tools and essential features of Revit services are as mentioned below:-

A) Creates complex structures effectively-Revit services not only create 2D buildings models but also create parametric and efficient models that can be easily customised and saved for future use. Revit software gives architectural designers opportunities to try out different designs or instantly can make changes in the standard building designs whereby customers can easily preview their future properties. All accurate and relevant minute details of these comprehensive models reflect exact building drawings. Thus, in a nutshell, Revit models provide all overall crucial information instead of simply representing few features through architectural drafting, detailing and modeling process.

B) Efficient parametric components-In Revit BIM software, all components have parametric features where 2D and 3D models can be easily modified and the existing database can be easily updated. It is considered as an excellent tool for interiors, furniture, sketching up buildings and offers other related advantages.

C) Effective management-Apart from efficiency and flexibility, Revit model provides comprehensive details of the projects like material take-offs, different design options, crucial details about construction phases, etc. Other related benefits are:-

•             Minimization of waste

•             Shorter TAT

•             Higher collaboration and coordination

•             Higher Error detection and Risk Mitigation

•             Employees productivity and efficiency increases

At C-Design, our dedicated professionals provide detailed architectural modelling services that cover all aspects of residential and industrial architectural designing right from small stand-alone residential complex to the huge commercial building so as to provide the most efficient final layout. Once our team receives clients project details in form of hand-drawn sketches, PDF images, electronic images, scanning images, or AutoCAD files then we can easily convert them into Revit format or even customised and personalise the design as per our client’s requirements at the most economical rates and within the stipulated time frame.