In the field of the AEC industry, Hotel architecture helps in providing numerous opportunities, innovation and creativity in this field across the globe. While architectural planning plays an essential role in order to create hotel ambiance, building structural design most effectively and efficiently. At C-DESIGN, we provide hotel architecture plans drafting for various sectors like commercial, residential, public and industrial projects so as to provide multi-level floor plans.

Below mentioned are some of the major faults while creating hotel architecture plans:-

A) Designing of the rooms-Before creating architectural plan drafting, it becomes essential to analyse room designs, specific designing requirements as per room size, categories/types of the rooms, etc. Such parameters help in determining space usability and room designing as per clients’ requirements. However, it may create major losses, errors and confusion if there are inappropriate room designs which will directly impact the overall sales and marketing division.

b) Multiple stakeholders-While framing architectural planning, it becomes necessary to consider different stakeholders and their related ideas along with their requirements. Different parameters like focused goals, clear vision/mission, planned meetings etc

c) Specific need of the hotel planning-While creating a hotel planning experience, it becomes important to understand and analyse background. In the tourism industry, location, background, outdoor space, overall space allocation plays a crucial role in the hotel architectural drafting plans. Many times, hotel planning configuration becomes more confusing and misleading so various luxuries factors like lounges, spa, restaurants, conference rooms etc should be considered by owners or financers for bringing extra revenue.