In the field of the AEC industry, the renovation of building projects using Point cloud conversion to BIM technology plays an essential role. This building experience using point cloud conversion to BIM technology helps to facilitate the overall designing process with incredible success. Therefore such point cloud conversion helps engineers, architects, contractors, owners, etc in the renovation projects even if original architectural drawings are incorrect, not updated, unavailable or incomplete. The point cloud conversion to BIM models present higher accuracy and detailing with the help of 3D laser scanning technology. This technology also provides a perfect reference point for audits and project monitoring by facilitating general contractors, engineers, surveyors, or owners for the renovation of the existing building. Below mentioned are some of the renovation challenges faced by the construction industry:-

Just like construction projects have many challenges in the same way renovation projects also have certain unique challenges like:-

A) Avoiding any damage to historic monuments or old architectural sites

B) Major costs, time factor, or available resources depletes due to frequent layout or dimensional assessment

C) Different running facilities like airports, healthcare units, or manufacturing units need to continue running without getting disturbed.

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