Companies contain long outsourced creative, right-brain marketing actions, such as advertising and promotion campaigns. But a basic change is under way: ever more, firms are farming out marketing operation and analytic as well.
We believe there are two key reasons for this trend: First, outsourcing can save money and recover quality. American Express’s consolidation of buyer service call centre operation in India, for example, cut service costs per customer by 20% to 30% while civilizing response time and boosting the fraction of satisfied customers by 20 points.
Second, outsourcing can offer ever more critical left-brain marketing knowledge that many companies lack, such as customer folder management and analysis. When Sony, a legendary marketer, sought to build a customer database, sell services, and soul new, high-end products during its on-line store, Sony Style, it outsourced the program, recognize that it didn’t have the required skills in-house. Allstate has outsourced lead managing, which has doubled the leads each agent gets. Ericsson has outsourced the management of its extra net, which provides the sales force with up-to-date customer in turn and allows direct message with selected customers.

The need for left-brain marketing knowledge, we reflect, will only grow. A discipline that was once primarily creative has become ever more systematic, as the old workhorses—print and television advertising, and direct mail—become less and less successful. Marketing managers tend to survive right-brain original with a fondness for mass-marketing campaign when what’s needed are left-brain number crunchers who zero in on the “market of one.” Today, processor models optimize the allowance of pharmaceutical sales council’ time, influential which customers to address and which goods to promote to realize the greatest return. Active pricing models allow airlines to vary ticket prices in genuine time based on the number of chairs sold on a agreed flight. And IT-intensive database running now lets companies accurately target just the right post to just the right patrons in just the right terms.
To generate the most value from outsourcing, marketing managers must become expert ringmasters who cherry-pick, develop, and watch an included network of outside suppliers that brings new capability to the marketing effort. Above all, running should start since its marketing supplier not as contractor that need to be proscribed but as buddies that can create common value over the long phrase.

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