ARCHITECTURAL STYLE- Its always advisable to have variety in architectural design and compatibility of new project with existing building environment. The aim is not only to preserve historic values of community but also to take care of its ambience and scale.

COMPATIBILITY WITH NEIGHBOURHOOD– Whenever it’s about designing any new building, compatibility with near areas should be considered so as to make new design successfully. Its merely stupidity to imitate nearby or surrounding building as duplicating them should be never architectural design goal. Every new site has to be complementary with surrounding buildings and should maintain its uniqueness of architectural style.

4 important feature of any architectural design are

Appropriate architectural theme
Should be with suitable colour, texture, building materials
Proportional building scale/size

COLOURS- Colour should be compatible with nearby surroundings but should never duplicate existing colours. Generally it’s recommended to use muted colour tones for any structures base colour. Grabbing attention with bold and bright colours should not be entertained .Accent colour should be complementary with base colours or variation of its hues .

ENTRIES–They should remain as architectural focal point for the buildings.Main features like canopies,signs,arches,wall recesses,columns should be main part of any architectural design of any building.And it should be grabbing attention from the starting point of it.


There should be consistent use of colours,materials and architectural detailing throughout all the elevation of the buildings.Main idea is to make sure that elevations are not being facing the street.All building should look like same building from all the sides.There should never be box like appearance.Any building design should reflect some sense of human scale and proportion.

Also there are 4type of architectures from the viewpoint of any enterprise

INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE-Outlines data management resources and physical data assets

SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE-Form proposal for individual application systems, their interactions and relations to the business process of any enterprise.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTURE- Outlines hardware and software building blocks for overall information system of the organisation

BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE- Outlines main processes,defines strategy for the organisation,governance,focuses on design of business processes.