In past product miniature model industries have always been dominated by skilled labors but these expert craftsmen while making handmade miniature models were never able to reach minute detailing. Only after introduction of 3d printed model miniature, product miniature model has affected many sectors like architecture and animation industries in following ways

Detaining – More effective and unfathomable level of detailing can be achieved

Time consumption – Very less as compared to conventional process of handmade miniature model

We at C-Design are your one stop solution for all your product miniature making process. We technically & conceptually understand our client’s requirements and then prepare a blue print and work on product miniature models & designs as per the scale, maintaining the highest level of accuracy &details. Our expert team of architects has well equipped themselves with latest tools and techniques with specialized training from USA in their respective fields. They work closely with clients to converts the miniaturization concept (idea) into an ideal 3D design model which in turn undergoes 3D software slicing process to be converted in hundreds and thousands of horizontal layers as an input for a 3D printer.