In the construction project, the designing stage is considered an essential part of the successful project completion. Just like every construction project having its own drive and salient features but it’s essential to comprehend different types of building drawings right from the initial stage till model creation. There are different types of drawings for building designs like Assembly drawings, Design drawings, Detail Drawing, Component drawings, Record drawings, As-Built drawings, etc

As-Built drawings are basically built by designers or engineers who basically understand specification and consist of detailed notes from different construction stages. This is considered an essential component of the construction project, if completed accurately then it reflects properly on the company’s professional image.

As-Built drawings are equally important like a legacy which ensures that engineers, designers, architects move on from the project but still resources remain beyond the original blueprints. Below mentioned are some of the essential reasons:-

A)Enhances the renovation process-This is one of the biggest benefits of As-building drawings is where owners can easily study the history of project changes and thus can save a lot of time and money factor in understanding current conditions

B) Helps facilities team- Due to record statements in as-built drawings, it helps in solving any issues at a faster rate and improved operations/speeds helps owners overall cost and time factor.

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