As compared to traditional method, BIM provides lot of opportunities like higher precision and control, effectively manages cost, time and quality factors. Thus it enhances production and productivity effectiveness thereby supports decision making initiatives through better management. BIM construction process is divided into 3 major phases like

A) Pre-construction stage-It basically includes strategic planning for the project, making designs, gathering resources and labour for construction, securing permits etc. Because of BIM technology, future building projects can be analyzed in terms of regulations regarding construct ability and functionality. Even if initial implementation of BIM technology leads to higher cost but gradually such cost reduces because of earlier detection of errors, lowering clashes, reduction in delays and better evaluation of design performances. Also clash identification which is popularly known metric helps in evaluating overall BIM economic values and overall construction design can be improved.

B) Construction phase-It starts when physical construction work begins and ends when the whole construction process finishes. BIM technology works as extremely appealing to bigger organisation and firms because of cost effectiveness, reduces rework and onsite need of inventory, analyses and monitors construction process in advance, minimises miscellaneous costs etc

C) Post Construction phase-In this phase, all major records and crucial information gets stored in BIM system which becomes easily accessible for facility managers. Thus proves to be cost and time effective tool which improves and supports business procedure.

BIM technology is used by different fields like Engineering, Architecture, Building and Facility management which reflects different improvements like effective and efficient designing process, better services to customers and clients, overall cost control and analysis on project life cycle (information related to designing, maintenance of the buildings can be gathered for facility management).Lastly major benefit linked is about 3D representation during preparation of documentation and designing phase which enhances exact visualisation, understanding and resolution of the problems involved in the whole process.