Site plan detailing is a plan of all about area of a proposed construction operation, including the building outline, parking, work areas, and/or property lines. Or in other words can be defined as large scale drawing that shows the full extent of the site for an existing or proposed development. On the basis of size of project, site plans are likely to be at a scale of 1 : 500 or 1 : 200.There are certain important features which will be always displaced on site plan as mentioned below

Key dimensions.
Key materials.
Title name, project name, scale used etc.(Shows name of property’s owner, site address and tax parcel number and drawing title and data
Show an arrow indicating north direction
Roads, foot paths and paved areas(Show name of adjacent roads, centerline of road and width of the right-of-way, show all existing improvements within the right-of-way including driveways, drainage ditches, storm drain/culverts, fences, retaining walls, curbs, etc.)
Driveway Encroachment Indicate the location and dimensions of all connections between the adjacent public roads and private driveways or roads.
Surrounding and location of building in its relation
Fencing ,walls
Layout of general amenities like drainage, water, gas, electricity, telephone and manhole covers and so on.

With the help of site plan, one can map its site in terms of scales which measure real life dimensions .Generally size of small site is 1 inch means 1 foot .Through site plan it become very much easy to decide and locate things which can be placed in future .With this portability, site map can be taken in pockets wherever one goes and can see how things will appear with different activities. Even things can be discussed out with team members with help of site plan that’s why it’s considered as helpful planning tool.


Measure the length and width of the lot to work on.
Locate important built features such as buildings, sidewalks, streets, fences, etc. and mark them on your plan.
Locate natural features such as trees, large rocks and water and mark them
Find north. Knowing where north is will be helpful when you want to know how much sun your site gets.