Sketch up modeling is 3d modeling software for making geometric 3d objects like scale models,interior design terms,functional parts and architectural models.Its very user friendly software with simplicity and requires short learning time .Firstly download sketch up model software available in freeware version and paid version .Both these version have same basic tools and commands for modeling. For beginners it’s-advisable to use Sketch make and for advance users sketch up pro is most relevant providing additional features like exporting/importing to /from cad software and printing.

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Once you open up this application, windows will open up three tabs template,learn and license.Template is used for background colour and line thickness affecting visual element of the model.Try to explore these entire templates but right now let’s go for template- meters relatively simple in usage.Try to view all tools and commands available set on upper part of the screen.Now click on viewtoolbar  large tool set.Like any other 3d software, sketch up allows to view blue,red and green axis to view objects from different angles.

How to draw2d drawing(Rectangles,lines and circle)
• Click anywhere and assign 1st point
• Take mouse to second point at the desired location
• Enter the value to specify the length

Circle- Click on ‘c’ or icon below rectangle.
• Click on desired point to assign midpoint
• Drag cursor at the midpoint of the circle.
• Enter value right after assigning midpoint and then enter

Rectangle-Click ‘R’ icon the keyboard
• Click desired location and make first corner of the rectangle
• Drag mouse to desired location for opposite corner and click
How to control movements
It’s made up of pan and orbit
PAN- Click on this icon
Then click on origin- hold mouse and then drag
ORBIT-Click on this icon
Then click anywhere- hold mouse and then drag to rotate whole view
How to do saving or editing
• For making changes- Go for Alt+backspace
• For saving – clt +s
How to make 3d obects
• Initially zoom in using mouse wheel object
• Then click Push/pull icon
• Take your mouse over plane of the circle
• Set left mouse buttonset height of cylinder, cuboid or cube
Dimension Tool
• Click on dimension icon on the toolbar
• Then simply click the line
• One can make use of Tape measure tool- To measure distance
Protector tool-To analyze different angles
Move and measure objects
• Select the tool-Tool-Move tool-Click selected object and drag at desired location
Create copies of the objects
• Copy of the object and press Ctl on your keyboard
• Left click again to copy the model to desired location
• 2D Text tool-To measure base area of plane and plane labels
• 3D Text tool-Create text as 3d objects