3d modeling is all about making a digital 3d representation of any surface or object through computer graphics. In such mathematical representation of 3D dimensional objects which represents conceptual visual arts, entertainment, drafting and simulation, and even real-life objects. In it, there is specialised software which manipulates points in the vertices (virtual space) which forms up as a mesh. 3d models are used in many ways like in illustration, engineering, advertisement, movies, games and also in architecture.

Always have the right tools for your models-Its always essential to have the right tool for making your models as this set aside your models at a high level from the rest. Many times it happens that you have to cut a model into desirable shapes so as to suit your needs. Its always required to have a good utility knife with a sharp blade as this helps in making a clean edge with more neatness. Blunt knife can prove to be more dangerous and makes more wastage of time if you want to have a simple sketched model without spending hours in making delicate one.

Secondly, materials which are used for making product miniatures are not always exactly the same as the product. It’s very essential to choose those type of materials which can very well relate your product miniature and can immerse other fully in such a narrative far more effectively. Also equally important is to look that your model should not hijack your all time instead should supplement your project.

It’s quite common to make a cad model on your computer but sometimes to make by hand through laser cutting makes it all different. In such a case, the virtual model needs to be placed correctly and then can be cut and piece together. Also, lighting also plays a most important role where models can be seen in the proper working environment without straining eyes. Thus 3d models can be converted into beautiful picture only with proper lighting environment.

It’s quite essential to make the deadline so that your 3D modelling plan stays on track and one can make sure that 3D models can stay on its own. Equally important is to withstand examination of others and also ensure that your model doesn’t fall apart. Many times, designers make a replica of their drawings but in an ideal world it shouldn’t be like that. 3D models should show a step another level of depth which drawings are generally unable to communicate.

Washing your hands is also most important when you are working with the white environment. Many times oil and dirt are not visible with your naked eyes until you see on your completed models.

At C-Design we will work with you through every stage of the process. If you know exactly what you’re looking for we can create characters according to your exact specifications. It’s used mainly in the video game industry and in geographic visualisation. It is also used for crystal cube sub surface engraving. Designers at C-Design can help you to create 2.5 D modelling for your games, music videos and presentations.