Through experiments or trial and error business owners learn about new things. They need to learn a lot about the tools that is needed to use to increase their business potential.The good idea is to see what works best for others so that we can learn from others mistake.It not only saves time but also works best as we can learn from others mistake. While website building makes sure you land on website that is easy to navigate, responsive to mobile devices,you can anticipate your next move.

Mobile is required

Make sure that you don’t keep any barrier between you and your customers.So while building design, responsive design is important because it allows your site to scale to fit any screen.

Have streamline app

A healthy relationship with your customers is very much essentials so keep valuable mobile app. For e.g. Starbucks’ mobile platform offers customers a seamless experience as it strives for fast loading times and a streamlined purchasing process while avoiding unwelcome push notifications.

Good navigation often takes a back seat to putting as many products in front of the customer as possible.

Personally judge your customers.One of important feature about digital commerce is that you can judge individual customers, their recommendation, can remember favourite or can simply checkout process for repeating your customers.

Have human touch:– Make your application and website so real and user friendly that customers should feel there are real people working behind their technology. It should provide an easy way for customers to ask questions, make comments, and connect with a real person when they run into a challenge. Through user friendly mobile and app customers can find what they need easily, purchase it with minimal hassle, and feel good enough about the experience that they come back for more.

For designing best contents for your website then ask few questions like what your audiences wants and how to give it to them back.By knowing what your audience wants, the creation of content is easy. The next step in the process is to do it better than your competition