Website designing means planning, creation and updating of websites. It also involves ergonomics, navigation, interface, layout, colours and fonts, imagery and iconic design .however in classical terms design means visual appearance of a website. Traditional approach involves rhythm contrast, colouring, balance, emphasis, style of graphical elements and use of icons, background textures and general atmosphere of overall website design. Nowadays making website is very tedious task so for what people, they take somebody’s else template, modify it and then bend their clients contents into it until it fits into template.

In website designing, content means king and then comes design as secondary element. Below mentioned are few important points which need to be consider while designing any website

1.Read and examine properly about your contents

Before building websites, always make sure that you have sound fresh contents ready before hand. And after properly examining it think for more reliable and accurate materials for our site.

2.Determine each blocks level

While making website, think about blocks which means paragraphs. All paragraphs have different weight and so do they are sorted into different levels


Sub heading

By line

Regular text

Block quote

After assign different block levels a number, take out print of your content and use a pencil to indicate the numeric level of the block. Thus this information can be used in style mapping

3.Define your style map:– In this style mapping go for giving numeric code to each block levels which you did in previous stage, give unique name for each block, define font face or family or font fall back then decide about font size, color and weight and lastly if any specific instruction is required. Thus all this information helps in making style sheet. Modularity gives you freedom and always separate content from design to the maximum extent possible.

4.Define layout for each snapshot of your grid:-Determine how your text blocks supposed to look and decide what shape text is going to take.

5.Draw prototype and then take clients approval:– Don’t directly go for coding your website if you have fussy client .Don’t start your work but beforehand take approval from client’s and then go for it .Its best way to create simple prototype in prototype tool and then make your vision and final work clear to your clients .Clients once give you green light and likes your work then go further otherwise if clients doesn’t approves your work then it will ultimate wastage of your time. Finally start with coding

6.Draw initial build up work

Now it’s time to do typing which is bit tricky as you need to write up all your html, cut and paste each text block into right tag pair. It’s very much easier and quicker to just create all the tag pairs in their raw form and paste the text blocks in, and then go back later and add the class names to your opening tags.

7.Review your end result and checks whether it’s similar to design

Look whether your end result matches your design .considered as best test. Then final call is to do user testing of your website