In the Architectural firm, construction documents play a crucial role like a specialized job consisting of dedicated skills and hard work. This document requires creativity, perseverance, diligence, innovation and which are written and graphic instructions for a particular construction project. CDs are considered as a complete set of accurate and complete documents which help in creating project ideas into a physical format. In the architectural construction documents, it is considered as the last iteration carried out of the virtual building, rebuilding, and destroying process. In the nutshell, it helps in creating final approximations to the complete look of the building.

These documents are so important because either building fails or success through it and therefore CD set are considered as the heart of the building projects. Construction documents help in striking a balance between architects’ realism and innovation. For effective construction project management, every single element is carefully analyzed and taken into consideration to generate a successful building design cycle. The analysis portion consists of the depiction, testing, and exploration of every element involved in the making of the construction project.

CDs majorly consist of product information and their specification, their quantities and configurations required for the building designing project. These documents are not only considered as a set of instructions but also provide relevant information about the contractor’s responsibility and their related different means and methods which complies with safety regulations.

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